Lavendel Plus

Lavendel Plus: large potted lavender!
Lavendel Plus started actively concentrating on the sale of large potted lavender plants in 2005. Through knowledge, innovation and an enthusiastic team, the company near Breda has become a modern 10-acre lavender farm. 
Overview van Lavendel Plus, number 1 supplier of large potted lavender
The range
Lavendel Plus grows large, visually attractive and wonderfully scented potted lavender plants. The range includes a number of varieties, with Lavendula Munstead, Little lady, Essence Purple, Hidcote and Stoechas Blue Star as main varieties. These varieties are available in pot sizes 23, 26, 29, 32 and 35. By potting these varieties selectively and in different periods, it is possible to offer the customers beautiful lavender plants with a long lifespan from the beginning of April until the end of July. Sales mainly take place through Flora Holland auctions. 
The quality of the plants takes priority in the business. The employees at Lavendel Plus therefore pay a lot of attention to the cultivation of the plants in order to secure and maintain their quality. But Lavendel Plus goes even further than that. The other business processes such as hygiene, environmental care, the use of pesticides, and watering are dealt with as optimally as possible. Lavendel Plus therefore meets the requirements of the NAK and MPS-GAP.
A modern container field was constructed in 2012, simplifying the delivery of the plants. This not only realised an improvement where logistics are concerned, but also resulted in the optimisation of water consumption through collection and reuse. Now, the pots not only stay clean on the outside, but the hygiene on the inside of the pot is also excellent: a big step forward in the improvement of the quality of the lavender plants.
If you would like to visit or do business with a modern, innovative company with extensive knowledge and information about lavender plants, Lavendel Plus is the right choice for you. Especially in Spring, when the wonderfully aromatic plants are in full bloom, you will imagine yourself in the Provence. We would appreciate it if you made an appointment beforehand so we can take the time to show you around. 
Large potted lavender
Groups of European consumers are increasingly sensitive to trends. They are looking for atmosphere, expression and originality. New implementations and ideas that help shape this lifestyle are highly appreciated. 
Lavendel Plus responds to this by cultivating a product that offers gardens, terraces and balconies both colour and fragrance. The great advantage of the size of the product is that you can completely transform an area with just a single pot. It is impossible to get tired of the calming colour and the heavenly scent. 
Lavendel Plus is all about large potted lavender!