Tailored quality products
The focus is on product quality. Thanks to the staff's extensive knowledge and the implementation of numerous technological developments, we are able to offer our customers the best possible product. 
Lavendel Plus is all about large potted lavender!
We believe that a high-quality lavender plant is a strong, healthy plant that properly fills the pot. In addition, by striving to get as many flower buds/flowers on the plant as possible and combining this with the right potting soil and pot, we extend the flowering time as much as possible. Lavendel Plus annually offers a large stock of high-quality exclusive, uniform products. 
The NAK is the Dutch General Inspection Service (Nederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst) for seeds and propagation material for agricultural crops. The NAK inspects all our plants, which means all our plants are NAK certified. They also monitor the use of fertilizers and pesticides, plus the consumption of gas and electricity.
We also became MPS certified in January 2013. As a result, our lavender is not just responsibly grown, but our business processes are well-organised and monitored.
Service and transport
The customer is king. Thanks to the excellent availability of the various lavender plants, it is possible to get the orders ready for transport quickly and efficiently without mistakes. Orders placed before 4pm can be delivered the next day to auction sites Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Bleiswijk, Venlo or Lochristi, or to your own location. Orders submitted before 9.30am can be delivered on the same day.
De lavender is supplied with the appropriate label. 
If you have any specific wishes regarding things such as bar codes, stickers or pots you can indicate this and we will be happy to work things out with you. This way, large batches of lavender can be made ready for immediate sale at DIY stores, supermarkets, garden centres and wholesalers in the Netherlands and abroad, for instance.
Lavendel Plus is all about large potted lavender!
Products are transported daily to various sites by various carriers such as Van Zaal Transport. They organise the logistics, making sure they take your and our quality requirements into account.
Lavendel Plus also exports plants to Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, Spain and Ireland.